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Wheels on the Bus Pediatric Therapy, Inc

Committed to the development and well-being of Arizona's special needs.

Occupational Therapy Staff

Sarah N., OTR and Feeding

I’m originally from a small town in Wisconsin and moved to Arizona in 2012 for my graduate degree. I have worked with kids throughout my education and couldn’t imagine doing anything else; I have the best job in the world! I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and from Midwestern University in 2014 with a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy. I have been working with Wheels on the Bus Pediatric Therapy since January 2015 and couldn’t be happier. I love getting the opportunity to treat children in their homes and collaborate with their families in order to best meet their goals.

Hilary C., OTR

I am an Arizona native and couldn't imagine living anywhere else! I received my Bachelor’s at ASU in General Education and Special Education. As I went through my education as a teacher, I realized I wanted to help my students become more independent in their daily lives. I taught 4th grade Special Education for one year before pursuing a Master’s in Occupational Therapy at Midwestern University. I also have experience as a Habilitation/Respite provider for children with Autism. Throughout my career, I have had a passion for working with children. I have been working with Wheels on The Bus since January 2016 and love working with kids and their families in the home environment!

Julia J., OTR

Hello! My name is Julia and I was born in Colorado and raised in Arizona. I received my Bachelor’s in Health Studies degree from Hodges University in 2013, and my Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2017. My clinical experience includes pediatric outpatient, equine therapy, community-based mental health, skilled nursing, and hospital inpatient. In my spare time, I like to be outdoors; I enjoy hiking, kayaking, and horseback riding. I also love to spend time with family, friends, and my two dogs.  

Sunny D., OTR

My name is Sunny and I service families in southern Arizona. I graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1997 with a Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation- Occupational Therapy. I have worked in Winnipeg, West Virginia, Seattle, Indiana, Utah and Arizona. I have experience in many settings including neonatal intensive care, pediatric intensive care, rehabilitation facilities, early intervention, school systems, clinic settings and home based. I love sports, animals, and spending time with my family.

Lori C., OTR

My name is Lori and I grew up in California, although I’ve been in Arizona since 1974. I have been working with special needs children since I was in high school, first in a sheltered workshop, than as a Special Olympics volunteer, an aide in the public schools and as an occupational therapist both in the school system and in the home health setting. I love what I do and can’t imagine ever doing anything else. I’m married, have three children and seven grandchildren and two dogs.  

Jennifer C., OTR

Jennifer has worked with children and adults in community based healthcare since 2010. Beginning her career in psychiatric rehabilitation, with a dual BS in psychology and psychiatric rehabilitation from Kean University and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Jennifer found a passion for occupational therapy through a mentor and decided to pursue this field to continue to help others. Jennifer received her Master's of Science in Occupational Therapy degree in 2015 from Misericordia University where she developed a passion for working with children. Jennifer now works in a school district and for Wheels on the Bus. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys pursuing research in the field, hiking, camping, biking, and all things outdoors.

Sandy C., OTR

I have worked in the Occupational Therapy field for more than five years, starting as a Certified Occupational Therapy assistant. I graduated in 2016 with my Masters in Occupational Therapy and earned my license to practice as an Occupational Therapist in April 2017. I have experience working with the pediatric population in school and in the clinic setting. I have also been working in the home health area with geriatrics over five years. In my free time, I enjoy family and crafting time.

Machelle G., OTR

I am originally from Michigan but have lived in Arizona for most of my life. I graduated from Midwestern University in 2001 and have spent the majority of my career in pediatrics as a Occupational Therapist. In addition to pediatrics, I have also worked with the geriatric, adult and adolescent populations. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, snorkeling, paddle boarding or anything that keeps me active.

Amber R., OTR

Hi! My name is Amber. I have a Masters in Occupational Therapy from Midwestern University and a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science from North Central College. I have over 5 years of experience in occupational therapy. 

Ronda H, OTR

I am an Arizona native and grew up spending my spare time helping my mother manage an in-home day care, babysitting and reveling in the wonder of babies. I received my Bachelor’s at NAU in Psychology with special emphasis on Child and Family Development. I knew I wanted to be involved in working with children so after researching career possibilities, I headed to Texas Women’s University to obtain a Master’s of Occupational Therapy. I worked for a local school district for a year before moving to Flagstaff, Arizona and raising my family. I began a private practice before taking a position with Northern Arizona University as Administrator of AzEIP FIRST! Through the teamwork of these two facilities, I was blessed to meet some of the most amazing therapists, children and families across the northern half of Arizona while introducing families to early intervention services. With the changes in funding brought about by AzEIP, many things changed for my family and we returned to the Phoenix area. I have returned to working with local school districts as well as Wheels on the Bus. I continue to feel very passionate about working with children and their families to help them provide the best opportunities for their children. I enjoy spending time with family and friends or heading to the nearest beaches.

Heather B., OTR

Hi! My name is Heather. I have two Master degrees, one in Occupational Therapy from Midwetern University and one in Library Science from Indiana University. I have over 7 years of experience in occupational therapy work. I have experience with treating children with diagnoses such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, and various Neurological and

Developmental Delay Disorders.

Katie T., OTR

Hi! My name is Katie! I have a Doctorate and Master degree in Occupational Therapy from Rocky Mountain University and Husson College respectively. I focused my speciality in pediatrics in my doctorate program where I developed a social skills program for adolescents with autism from an OT perspective. I have over 14 years of experience and continually working to become a clinical expert and leader in the pediatric area of practice. 

Shawn W., OTR

Hi! my name is Shawn! I have an Advanced Masters in Occupational Therapy along with two Bachelors in Psychology and Occupational Therapy. I am an occupational therapist with over 20 years of experience treating the pediatric through geriatric population. 

Alex N., COTA

Hi, my name is Alex Nelson. I received my occupational therapy assistant degree at Pima Medical Institute in 2015. I have been working with Wheels on the Bus since 2017. I always knew I wanted to help people growing up and after high school I fell in love with the idea of being an OTA. I found my passion for working with children during my time in school. After graduation, I got a job in pediatrics and I can’t imagine being anywhere else!

Becki R., COTA

Becki is a certified occupational therapy assistant (COTA), and has been with Wheels on the Bus for 6 years. She has had extensive training and specializes in feeding therapy and interventions for individuals with high behavioral needs. Becki mentors other therapists in these interventions and other areas, such as the company's documentation system, to expand therapist knowledge, and improve overall effectiveness of treatments.

In addition to this, Becki continues to further her training in neuro-developmental treatment and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation as it relates to children and adults alike. Upon the start of her career prior to specializing in pediatrics, she spent a great deal of time working with adults in a neurological setting, with an emphasis on diagnoses such as spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. 

Amara P., COTA

Hi! My name is Amara. I have an Associate of Applied Science in Occupation Therapy Assistant from Pima Medical Institute and an Associate of Science in Biology and Liberal Arts from Dutchess Community College. I am a patient-oriented COTA in AZ. I have experience in Inpatient and Pediatric settings with top-notched documentation and patient care skills.

Crystal G., COTA

I received my associate's degree in applied science of occupational therapy assisting through Brown Mackie College in 2015. Before starting on my path in occupational therapy, I worked as a certified nursing assistant and as a respite and habilitation provider. I have a passion for helping all people reach their fullest potential. I truly believe in the power of providing in-home therapy because of how much functionality comes from working in the client's natural environment. I'm excited to be a part of what Wheels on the Bus provides-- an amazing opportunity for therapists and families to make a difference in all client's lives!

Tracey B., COTA

Hi, I’m Tracey Brown an occupational therapy assistant. I moved to beautiful Arizona a year ago from Ohio, where I was born and raised, to be closer to my three grown children. I have a little dog, Daphne, who made the move with me. I graduated from Sinclair College in 2013. I also have an associate degree in communications from Sinclair. Occupational therapy is a second career for me. After my kids left home, I began searching for a meaningful and fulfilling purpose. Occupational therapy was my answer. Studying and practicing occupational has brought meaning and joy to my life. 

Suzie M. COTA

Hi! My name is Suzie and I was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago, IL. I moved to Tempe to attend ASU, and escape the crazy Chicago weather. I have since moved to Gilbert with my husband, and two daughters (7 and 3). I graduated from Brown Mackie College, and became a COTA in 2013. I’ve worked in pediatrics since graduating. I love home health the best because I not only get to see the child in their natural environment but I get to know the families too. In my free time, I love to be with my family and friends; watching sports; and being outdoors either swimming or hiking. 

Amanda K., COTA

I am a born and raised Arizona native. I received my degree as an Occupational Therapy Assistant in Feburary 2014. I am also currently finishing my bachelors degree in psychology with a concentration in child and adolescent studies. During my time as a COTA, I have worked in several settings including the school system, pediatric outpatient clinic, skilled nursing facility and home health setting. Working with kids has always been my heart, soul and passion. There is nothing better than being able to help my kiddos gain independence, skills and be able to play and smile and be able to be a part of their joy. 

Eddie K., COTA

I grew up in a large military family and my oldest niece has Autism. I also served in the military and served in Operation Desert Fox. In my spare time, I like to spend time with friends, travel, and play sports. I received an Associates in Applied Science in Occupational Therapy Assistant from Durham Technical Community College in 2004 and a BS in Psychology from the University of Phoenix in 2010. I have worked with children and young adults my entire career. These years of experience have allowed me to treat people with a wide array of diagnosis. I also have training in Handwriting training through the Handwriting Without Tears program, and prevention and support training.

Jeremy V., COTA

My name is Jeremy. I became an Occupational Therapy Assistant in 2011, graduating from Madison Area Technical College in Madison, Wisconsin. My pediatric experience includes 6 years in an outpatient pediatric setting in conjunction with servicing kids within a school environment. I have training in Sensory Integration, Brain Gym, Handwriting Without Tears, Astronaut Program and The Alert Program. In my spare time, I like being outdoors. I like going hiking, biking, listening to live music and going to the beach. I also enjoy watching and attending sporting events. On Wisconsin! Go Pack!

Megan J., COTA

I knew I wanted to work with children after spending two summers in Morocco while volunteering at a pediatric therapy clinic. This led me to pursue a job as a CNA, which ultimately ushered my return to school. This time to become an Occupational Therapy Assistant with a degree from Pima Medical Institute in 2015. I have a passion to meet children where they're at while encouraging and helping them grow in creative and nurturing ways as they reach their goals. I love bringing joy and excitement to my patients and seeing them stretched in ways that they feel confident in their achievements!

Kris B., COTA

Hi! My name is Kris. I have been an OT Assistant since 1997 and have specialized in pediatrics my entire career. I have worked in all settings - schools, clinic and home health. I offer a wealth of experience and specialties and approach each child individually with patience and expertise. When not working, I travel with friends or my husband.


I originally hail from the Jersey Shore and bring the beach inside me wherever I go. I have a BA in Sociology/ Anthropology from Stockton Univ in NJ and earned my Occupational Therapy credentials here at Brown Mackie College in 2013. I have a husband who is a professor of art and we have a son with high-functioning autism. I hope to bring my skills and experience to kids and families to foster improvements in everyday life and instill joy doing it.

Kimberly J., COTA

My name is Kimberly! I was born in San Jose California and moved to Arizona when I was 2. I have two wonderful girls, ages 9 and 1 years old. I have been a certified occupational therapy assistant for 3 years working in both geriatrics and pediatric settings. I love to spend my free time with my family and working out with my gym family. 

Sarah A., COTA & Feeding

Hi! I'm Sarah! I became a nanny in June of 2019 for a family of four, with two toddlers. I fell in love with

occupational therapy when working for this family. I am now a certified occupational therapy assistant and certified sensory specialist along with feeding therapy. 

Matt F., COTA

Hi! My name is Matt. I have experience in assisting patients in skilled living facilities and acute rehab facilities with ADLS. I also have experience in implementing sensory integration in a pediatric outpatient setting 

Michelle L., COTA

Hi! My name is Michelle! I graduated from Brown Mackie College earning my AAS in Occupational Therapy. I have over 15 years of experience. I love working to continually build my skills and changes the lives of many.

Isaura V., COTA

Hi! My name is Isaura. I have associates in occupational therapy assistant and health care administration from Browne Mackie College. I have over 4 years of experience.  

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